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Coin Master free spins tricks are not easy to find out. Coin Master doesn’t like to be tricked. The further you get into Coin Master, the more difficult it will be to build up your current Coin Master village without it being destroyed by others.

About Coin Master

While you laboriously save to pay for the repairs, you’re also robbed. It is an urgent time to show a link today that will make your village life a lot easier.

But first, as always, when it comes to Coin Master, a warning: Coin Master is based at least in part on games of chance and therefore, in our opinion, should not be in the hands of children. You should also stay away from Coin Master if you are generally susceptible to gaming mechanics. The best Coin Master Trick for you is probably rather: stay away from Coin Master! Everyone else can read on below.

Coin Master Free Spins Link [May 2020 Updated]

01/25/20202 million coinsRedeem
01/22/202025 spinsRedeem
01/20/2020Village MasterRedeem
01/19/202025 spinsRedeem
01/19/202010 spins, 1 million coinsRedeem
01/18/202040 spins, 12 million coinsRedeem
01/17/202025 spinsRedeem
01/16/202010 spins, 1 million coinsRedeem
01/15/202025 spinsRedeem

Let’s get started with the all link download tricks: If you make a robbery in Coin Master and have already found two holes with coins, there is a 50% chance of finding the right one from the remaining two holes. Unless you use the two-finger trick.

Coin Master Free Spins Link

You have to tap both holes simultaneously with two fingers and stay on it for about a second. Then you lift both fingers away from the cell phone display. If you can do that precisely, the game will automatically select the hole under which the coins are hidden. As I said, this is one of the trickiest Coin Master tricks – but it’s worth practicing!

How to Redeem These Links

One of the somewhat simpler coin master cheats 2020 no human verification only needs good friends: Usually, you can give away a maximum of five Coin Master cards per day. If you want to spend more on the same day, it is enough to advance the date settings of your mobile phone by 24 hours. If you have good friends, they will do the same and give you plenty of Coin Master cards in no time thanks to this Coin Master trick.

By the way: You can only accept some Coin Master cards when you have reached a certain level, such as Dorf 100, etc. You can see how far you are when you select the item card in the Coin Master free spins link today menu. If you are presented with a coin master 400 spin link 2020 that you cannot yet accept, it is (temporarily) blocked in the menu item gifts cards until you have reached the required village level.

A good Coin Master trick for particularly rare Coin Master cards is also to go to the official Coin Master Facebook group. There, players often give away rare Coin Master cards. The real trick for you is that this rare card will now automatically appear more often in chests in your game as the game registers its existence in your deck. That is, from now on you can use them yourself as a valuable exchange object for other rare Coin Master cards!
Coin master tricks with coin master pets

This coin master trick is particularly “easy” at the end, because you have to do very little. You probably know the situation: You have fed one of your coin master pets Coin Master free spins link today and now it is active. But after a while you are finished playing Coin Master. What do you do with the Coin Master Pet now?

Other Ways to Get Free Coin Master Spins

If it isn’t exactly Rhino that is useful when you’re away, you’re wasting valuable time. The timer of your Coin Master Pets continues to run mercilessly – whether you are playing or not. Thanks to this coin master trick you can stop the timer.

Simply select another, currently inactive Coin Master Pet. At that moment, the pet timer is stopped, but the associated coin master pet remains active. Warning: We assume that this coin master spin generator without human verification 2020 is a temporary bug, which will probably be fixed soon. If the trick should no longer work for you, the Coin Master developers were unfortunately faster. But don’t worry: the next Coin Master trick will be found soon!

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If you invite one of your friends to Coin Master with your own Coin Master Link because you want spins reward, you will only receive it if that friend has never installed the game on his current device before. If the same friend has been invited by several Coin Master players, only the one whose Coin Master Link he used will receive the reward.

If strangers use your Coin Master links published on Reddit, for example, you will receive a message from Coin Master.

In your Coin Master friend list, however, they only appear in the current Coin Master version if you also link to them on Facebook (see warning above). Card exchange and gifts are only possible then.

There is also an upper limit on coin master spins that you can get as rewards for invitations: Coin Master free spins link is over. If you then bring someone to Coin Master afterward, you will no longer receive messages.


If you want to remove someone from your Coin Master friends list, you can only do this by deleting them as a Facebook contact (ie “friend”). You have to do this directly on Facebook – this is currently not possible in the game itself. If you have removed the corresponding Facebook contact, it should also disappear in Coin Master.